Monday, June 22, 2009

6 Months Old... already?

6 months old 1 month old
Our little Man had his 6 month check up today. Weighing in at 17 lbs 5 oz and 27 inches in length!! Both measurements are in the 50% percentile... YAY! We are catching up so quickly! Dr. S was so impressed with how fast he is growing. She said that pre-term children normally catch up developmentally by their 1st birthday... but she feels York is doing all things appropriate for a full term 6 month old! We are so pleased and thank the big man upstairs for our sweet angel. He is getting 2 teeth on the bottom and has begun scooting around ... I call this the "inch worm"! York has now mastered rolling over both ways, squealing, laughing, beginning to sit alone, and eating anything and everything put in his reach. He is also a big fan of CELL PHONES and the COMPUTER! He loves to push the keys and watch the screen light up. ((I think he just likes to see his face on the screen saver of both!)) He also loves riding in the car which makes trips enjoyable. He continues to be quite the flirt and has no discrimination on age... he loves all women especially you RED heads! He loves being held and snuggles with everyone. He is just a sweetheart and brings so much joy to Wesley and I.
We are having a family portrait and some other black and white photos done of York on Wednesday. I hope they turn out well. I will post proofs as soon as we get them. Hope everyone is doing great!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mutual Boat Obsession?....

As many of you husband is OBSESSED with fishing, boats, water, fishing television shows (Spanish Fly on Sunday mornings and the more popular Deadliest Catch), fishing toys for York, the different species of fish, bait, tackle, motors, charts of shipwrecks and other "fish habitats", what fish are "running" at what time of year, where the best fishing for ___ is, etc... YOU GET THE POINT! In our 6 years together, I have become quite the lady angler!... not by choice by FORCE! I am now able to see a boat being pulled by a trailer and tell you what make it is and what type of engines it has. I also know what type of bait are best for catching Spanish mackerel, red fish, grouper, snapper, dolphin, marlin, and shark etc. I can also differentiate between a "trash" fish and a "good eating" fish. Let me REITERATE this is not by choice... only by default. If you have ever hung out with Wes and I for more than an hour... the conversation will at some point turn to fishing. I guess I have subconsciously soaked up all of the information that has been poured into 99% of our conversations. However, I do love that Wes and I can share something that is so important to him. Well my REAL love for the salt water is not in the bait, tackle, or fish we catch but in fact the NAMES of the BOATS we encounter! It always intrigues me... the names people choose for their vessels. I have captured a couple of my favorites while at the Wharf in Orange Beach this past weekend... I wanted to share!J Byrd... I liked this because it is what we call Wesley's cousin James!
Pretty clever!!
A FAVORITE of all time for me...
Overdose on JESUS... gotta love it!
I love the pic of the Marlin... and the NAME!
A kick back to one of the best movies ever made... don't lie... you know you liked it!
Pretty typical ... You see Reel Tight, Reel Tough, Reel Happy, etc!
None the less... cute.

I do love this one... We call Wesley's aunt Susan.. Suzie or Suzie Q!

If anyone was wondering what I would name a boat and what kind it would be....

I would have to go with a Viking Sport Cruiser 58 foot Flybridge Yacht called the SALT SHAKER! Not that I have thought of this very much before! So while I dream of one day operating this, so far out of my price range, beauty... I will continue being educated on "all things boats" by my sweet but OBSESSED husband.

Ta-Ta for now...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Movin' and a Shakin'

The BEAUTIFUL bride's cake... The battleship in Mobile... Beth and Bob's Wedding 2009
The newly married... Mr. and Mrs. Finch!
Hanging at LuLu's!
Do you see my tooth?... He has a bottom teethie coming in!!!
Hey mommy... I am HOT!

I like the beach! He loved the waves coming up on his feet!
Daddy and baby enjoying some rays!
This was his favorite spot under the umbrella!
cool dude...
Eating dinner at the wharf... Dad, your fish looks tasty!
Chillin' out in the pool...
Looking at the boats at the Wharf...
Reading my beach book...
"I'm gonna get you, mommy!"
Take 5... for LUNCH! (peas and plums.. yum?)
The gator at Dad's beach house... Happy Birthday, Wesley...
He was opening his bday present... and wasn't sure what it was!
York, Wesley's mom, and I gave him a deep sea and flats fishing trip when we go to Key West in September! He was freaking out!!!!
The sweet cake my mom and step-dad gave Wes..
Sweet kisses
Hey guys...
Looking at himself in the mirror... hilarious!
Getting ready to go to Guy Harvey's restaurant...
FYI -don't waste your $$$$!
My mom (Mae-Mae) and baby in the pool...
He like chewing on his sunglasses better than wearing them...

Happy Birthday Wesley! June 13, 2009

Congratulations Beth and Bob Finch! June 13, 2009

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to us! June 17, 2009

Happy 6 months old, York! June 17, 2009

As you can see... we had a pretty eventful week and weekend. A wedding, birthday, fishing trip, anniversary, etc! We had a fantastic time but are glad to be home. There is something about being back in your own bed! (glorious) To say that going to the beach with a 6 month old is hard... is an understatement! ((you cant help but ask yourself ..."Did I have a vacation?")) Mr. York is cutting a new "pearly white" and it is coming in with vengeance. So between feedings, nap times, swim diapers, sun screening, lugging toys, towels, umbrellas, chairs, etc.. It is a miracle that I got 1 ray of sun! Nonetheless... what an amazing experience! It is so much fun to "swim" with the baby and introduce him to sand, waves, wind, pelicans, and boats. This time is so precious and as you can see I try to capture each moment on film! Sorry for all of the pics! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and a Happy Father's Day!

xoxo, Evan

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aqua Baby...

He loves to "bite" on the handle!
Sunnin' with Daddy...
Cool shades...
Look at those MUSCLES! HaHa!
Baby and Daddy's pool time turned into nap time!
Mommy and Babies feet...
It was a little cold so York just dangled his feet!
Drying off on the Bull towel! Too Cute!
As you can see, we have been spending alot of time at the pool. York absolutely loves the water. However, he does NOT love getting lathered up with sunscreen. He tries to wiggle away as I (typical new mom) continue to re-apply often! We have found the best baby sunglasses... Thanks to Academy! We have bought sunglasses in the past and they have been too big for little one. But last week we found baby glasses that Velcro around their sweet little heads. ((kinda like goggles)) They are great... he doesn't mind wearing them either. Getting prepared to go to the pool takes as long as our entire stay at the pool. After packing the essentials (diapers/bottle/wipes/change of clothes/paci/swim diapers/etc.) ... you will need baby sunscreen, baby sunglasses, baby towel, baby pool toys ... and of course camera, mommy's pool stuff, and so on! After you get the baby in the car and the 2 other "pool bags"... I need another person to help tote this "stuff" to the pool! As with any other outing (vacation/church/dinner/etc) your baby preparation is the most important! ((I never realized how easy I had it in the past... magazine, towel, sunscreen! DONE)) Now I look like the bag lady with a child hanging off my hip! Oh well... once we get to our destination we are having a blast! KUDOS to all you other mom's who do this daily! I can not imagine having another little one... I will have to grow another set of arms...
**We are headed to the beach next week for a much needed vacation! We are going for several reasons... Fishing trip/Friends Wedding/ Wesley's bday (June 13th)/ 3 Year anniversary (June 17th)! It will be a packed week! While we are gone our little miracle baby will turn 6 months old! Half a year old... where has the time gone? I am trying to cherish each and every moment but I am already forgetting how small, fragile, and dependant this little one once was! ((Ok... so he is not starting kindergarten/ driving a car/ or applying for college)) BUT STILL.. it is bittersweet how quickly he is growing and changing. I held a friends baby (8lbs) last week and literally forgot how to hold such a small baby! I know York was half that size when we brought him home... but it seems like so long ago! York also does NOT like to be "held like a baby". He wants to stand and sit up to see everything... When he's getting sleepy and I get the opportunity to "hold him like a baby" I can hardly put him to bed. I just stare at that sweet child and thank God for allowing me to experience this kind of joy! So all of you NEW NEW mommy's ... hold on to that sweet child tight because at the blink of an eye they will be HALF A YEAR old!
***Happy Birthday Wesley
***Happy HALF Birthday Wesley York