Monday, June 22, 2009

6 Months Old... already?

6 months old 1 month old
Our little Man had his 6 month check up today. Weighing in at 17 lbs 5 oz and 27 inches in length!! Both measurements are in the 50% percentile... YAY! We are catching up so quickly! Dr. S was so impressed with how fast he is growing. She said that pre-term children normally catch up developmentally by their 1st birthday... but she feels York is doing all things appropriate for a full term 6 month old! We are so pleased and thank the big man upstairs for our sweet angel. He is getting 2 teeth on the bottom and has begun scooting around ... I call this the "inch worm"! York has now mastered rolling over both ways, squealing, laughing, beginning to sit alone, and eating anything and everything put in his reach. He is also a big fan of CELL PHONES and the COMPUTER! He loves to push the keys and watch the screen light up. ((I think he just likes to see his face on the screen saver of both!)) He also loves riding in the car which makes trips enjoyable. He continues to be quite the flirt and has no discrimination on age... he loves all women especially you RED heads! He loves being held and snuggles with everyone. He is just a sweetheart and brings so much joy to Wesley and I.
We are having a family portrait and some other black and white photos done of York on Wednesday. I hope they turn out well. I will post proofs as soon as we get them. Hope everyone is doing great!


lamarshall said...

These precious babies grow up way too fast! Abs is 11 weeks old today, and I cannot imagine how it feels to know your baby is already 6 months! He is soo very handsome! I hope to meet him one day! Hope you and the family are doing great!! :-)

Prissy Prosecutor Panda said...

he likes red heads... maybe that is because of his "aunt panda's" major obsession with Reba Mcentire?.....he gets it from me :)

he is SUCH a doll!! He is going to be a REAL heartbreaker (just like his daddy was).... and the first little girl that breaks his heart, I am going to BEAT THEM!!! (or maybe make sure they are prosecuted to the fullest extent possible when they get a speeding ticket.. haha)