Friday, June 19, 2009

Mutual Boat Obsession?....

As many of you husband is OBSESSED with fishing, boats, water, fishing television shows (Spanish Fly on Sunday mornings and the more popular Deadliest Catch), fishing toys for York, the different species of fish, bait, tackle, motors, charts of shipwrecks and other "fish habitats", what fish are "running" at what time of year, where the best fishing for ___ is, etc... YOU GET THE POINT! In our 6 years together, I have become quite the lady angler!... not by choice by FORCE! I am now able to see a boat being pulled by a trailer and tell you what make it is and what type of engines it has. I also know what type of bait are best for catching Spanish mackerel, red fish, grouper, snapper, dolphin, marlin, and shark etc. I can also differentiate between a "trash" fish and a "good eating" fish. Let me REITERATE this is not by choice... only by default. If you have ever hung out with Wes and I for more than an hour... the conversation will at some point turn to fishing. I guess I have subconsciously soaked up all of the information that has been poured into 99% of our conversations. However, I do love that Wes and I can share something that is so important to him. Well my REAL love for the salt water is not in the bait, tackle, or fish we catch but in fact the NAMES of the BOATS we encounter! It always intrigues me... the names people choose for their vessels. I have captured a couple of my favorites while at the Wharf in Orange Beach this past weekend... I wanted to share!J Byrd... I liked this because it is what we call Wesley's cousin James!
Pretty clever!!
A FAVORITE of all time for me...
Overdose on JESUS... gotta love it!
I love the pic of the Marlin... and the NAME!
A kick back to one of the best movies ever made... don't lie... you know you liked it!
Pretty typical ... You see Reel Tight, Reel Tough, Reel Happy, etc!
None the less... cute.

I do love this one... We call Wesley's aunt Susan.. Suzie or Suzie Q!

If anyone was wondering what I would name a boat and what kind it would be....

I would have to go with a Viking Sport Cruiser 58 foot Flybridge Yacht called the SALT SHAKER! Not that I have thought of this very much before! So while I dream of one day operating this, so far out of my price range, beauty... I will continue being educated on "all things boats" by my sweet but OBSESSED husband.

Ta-Ta for now...


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