Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whose that baby?

Here are some pictures of all 3 of my boys around the same age.  They are in random order... see if you can tell them apart.  2 per child answers at bottom -NO CHEATING 
 ((some were hard- even for ME!))
Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

Baby 5

Baby 6

Baby 1 & 4 -Ramsay
Baby 2 & 3 -Perry
Baby 5 & 6 -York

(How did you do?)

9:44 pm -the perfect time

Holding sweet Ramsay minutes after his birth...

Proud DAD

Perry gave the first kiss and HEAD BUTT!

These turkey's gave the hopsital a run for their money! WILD WILD WILD

Attempt at family photo .. York refused!

Sweet boys wearing their BIG, MIDDLE (and Little was taking a break) shirts!

The only pic we have a as family of 5 (so far) with mom!


"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." Provers 16:9

This verse provides explaination of how my heart feels... GOD had a different idea of how Ramsay's entrance into this world would be.  Wes and I got to the hospital for induction at 5:30am and we began paperwork for the big show!  By 9 AM we had our pitocin and were well on our way to having a baby.  My contractions became regular and intense so we got the epidural.  I progressed to 4-5 centimeters by 3pm but didn't budge from there.  Around 8pm we made the only decision left... c-section.  I can't explain the flood of emotions at that time.  I knew in the back of my mind that that was always a possibility but after 2 vaginal births I didn't think we would get there.  I was upset, angry, hurt, exhausted, and every other emotion you can imagine.  I wanted to cry but what go would that do?  This baby needed to be born and this was the only way. ((((( Then they laid the big question on me:  "Will we tie your tubes?".  For everyone that knows me or reads this blog you know that I have said 100 times that this is the LAST baby, the finale to the Harless heard, the END!  But when asked in that kind of situation (laboring for 13 hours) the "fix" that would forever keep our party at 5!  I couldn't make it... I couldn't tell her that I was 100% percent done with making and having these miracles.  Now  ----- fast forward to 8 days post c-section.  I can tell you that I AM DONE.  I would never ever ever want another cesarean!  WOW all you c-section mommies (mainly my mother who had 3!) you are amazing!)))))  At 9:30pm we prepared for surgery and at the perfect time of 9:44pm my third little angel was brought into this world. Although not so little... rocking a big 7lbs 10 ounces and 20 inches long!  He is my biggest baby so far and the most content.  He is such a wonderful baby.  A huge difference from Mr. P who had colic and cried most of the time for the first 4 months.  He fits in perfectly with this wild bunch and can sleep through all of their noise.  The boys are enamoured by him (which will soon fade) but right now I am soaking it up.  They both want to hold him, give him his bottle (or Drink as Perry says), and put the paci back in CONSTANTLY!  They want to know why he doesn't have teeth, why he cant give "bumps" or high fives, why his belly button looks like a boo boo, why he looks cross eyed at times, why his head rolls around, why his tee tee is so red, etc.  I am loving answering their curious questions and seeing their minds compute.

 Although the birth wasn't exactly perfect the reception at home has been beyond amazing.  Wesley has been a nervous wreck and I think we are both glad he has gone back to work... he is a worrier by nature and to be home with a "gimp" wife, 2 wild Indians, and a newborn has been a bit much!  He has been wonderful and I couldn't ask for better help or father.  He is a wonderful Daddy but needs a break too! ((by the way... I'm still waiting on mine! ha!)  So we will see how life with 3 will go in the next weeks considering I can't drive, walk up stairs, or pick up my beautiful children.  That has been the most difficult so far... looking into Perrys eyes when he holds those hands up for me to pick him up and having to decline.  Luckily, after I showed him my scar he "sort of" understands and when he reaches up I say "remember my boo boo" and he will kiss my belly and let me hug him instead!  I'm ready to get back to a normal routine but know that will come in time.  When I got home York said, "Look mommy your belly is gone now we can play leap frog!"... I cant wait son!
Updates coming...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Time of Reflection

As I'm typing my little men are building a fort in my bedroom.  They are being kind and loving toward each other as York tries to teach P the best way to build their fort.  It forshaddows a relationship I hope always exist between the two.  York is a great big brother and takes quite alot from his little sidekick.  Perry has a much bolder personality with a quick temper.  Most of the time York handles it with ease and it makes my heart glad that he is so incredibly patient.  A characteristic that I'm learning from him!  Perry adores his brother and wants to be by his side at all times.  As I reflect on all of the wonderful moments we have had a family of 4 ... it is only natural that I wonder what a party of 5 has to offer.  I certainly hope for more giggles, hugs, wet kisses, tears, hand holding, boo boo kissing, piggy back riding, head butting, wrestling, diaper changing, occasional mental breakdown FUN. 

 3 times the love, 3 times the worry, 3 times the responsiblity, 3 times the BLESSINGS.  I get emotional thinking of how amazing these little ones are... how much they have taught me... how they love without expectations... how they trust with every inch of their being... how they soak up every word or explanation you offer... how they so easily roll with the punches... how pure their heart and thoughts are.  If we could only be a little more like them.  These little bitty people are God's greatest gift and I can not express my appreciation to our Lord for allowing me to experience this... 3 times.

Here we are again, preparing to bring another life into this world.  Packing the car, preparing the room, washing the clothing ... that is the easy part.  How do you prepare a little one for another person to join the team?  How do you tell a 3 1/2 year old and 19 month old that they will have to share mommy and daddy's time and attention?  You dont... you pray and vow to make extra time for each of your children.  You make them feel special and needed.  You make them as much of a part of the transition as you can.  This is what I hope to do in the coming days.  No matter how tired I may be I know it is so important to walk outside with York and look for tractors .. just me and him. Or take Perry to the sand box for some one on one playtime.  I want my boys to know that I am equally committed to making their life as special as possible.  I write this to keep me accountable but also as a reminder when mommy brain fails me.  These are the hardest of times but also the most incredible.  My how time flies ... it hits me each time I look into sweet York's face and realize how much changes in 3 short years.  Or I hear a new word that Perry has learned... wasn't he just born!!  Unbelievable.  This life is a WILD ride ... especially (with 3 soon to be 4) BOYS.  Its MY life and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Baby Ramsay will be here soon!!

It is official!!! Induction set for 5 am on monday morning! More info to come....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Harless Happenings...

Our summer has looked a little like this...
We've been building!

We've been "rocking" the ponytails!

We've have LEARNED how to SWIM!

ALOT of popsickle breaks

a Little surfing...

a Little lounging in the babies bouncy! 
(with the babies new zebra)

We've BECOME potty trained!

The babies room is finished and he actually has a couple of his very own outfits!

We celebrated the 4th of JULY!

We shot fireworks and my boys weren't LOVING it...

P-baby enjoyed the show from inside!