Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jabber Jaws weekly update....

Wes likes to say "They are coming in HOT!" when he sees a boat coming to the docks fast. Mr. York has come up with his own spin on this saying. We were watching the boats come in and York says: "momma they coming in hotter!"

We were laying in the bed and York was telling me about his "head ford" - it took me about 10 minutes to realize he was referring to his forehead.

York ran ahead of Wes and I and said "York slow down..." he replies "I not leave you mom... I keep you safe!"

I turned cartoons on and York yelled "I not wike dis... Not a good one!"

As York was eating his dinner he spilled a large bit on his shorts and looks up and says "dat happens"

On one of Yorks "shows" the dog was being ugly and York said "mom he makes my heart hurt... I sad". We discussed why that dog was being mean and he made me kiss his heart... sweet moment.

and the best:

We were walking around the block and he asked "Where is God?" as he looks up at the sky and before I could answer he says "He walking right here beside us momma... thank you God everyday"

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