Saturday, November 17, 2012

Waste your time this week

Today is world prematurity day... 
Having had God's blessing to mother a premature baby and two full term babies I'm able to reflect on each experience with unique perspective.  A preemie mommy holds her breath as the seconds pass wondering if her baby will make it through the night... relishes the moments the NICU nurses allow only her fingers inside the incubator to feel the delicate skin of her fragile baby... fights back tears as she puts on a brave face for hospital visitors... angrily asks her Maker what she did wrong... Begs to switch places with her child who fights for their next breath...wipes away tears as she overhears others talk about her "sick" baby and feels sorry for her... experiences waterworks when they finally hand over her perfect gift to hold for the first time... Heart skips a beat as her babies oxygen monitors go off ... Tries to ignore the dozens of wires attached to her infant baby... Sobs as she leaves the hospital without her baby... Tires of being positive... Exhausted after running up and down the road during visiting hours... 
(Denial, Anger, Sadness, Depression-  every emotion possible )
Until your bundle of joy is strong enough to come home. A preemie mommy can barely put her miracle down...she can finally sleep ... Can finally eat... Can finally experience motherhood as its meant to be.  Preemie mommies are strong. They are fighters. They are cheerleaders. They are advocates. They belong to an exclusive group who have been taught patience trusting God's timing.  I am proud to be apart of these ladies and am a far better mother because of it. As I reflect on those dark days, I can now see God's hand all over those painful hours and treacherous nights.  Without that experience I would not have cherished those late night feedings, first little coos, smile, or giggle as I did.  I remember praying over York's bed for hours just thanking God for this precious gift!  For allowing him to grow stronger each day and giving Wes and I the opportunity to grow closer spiritually. 
Life moves quickly and we forget to sit down and appreciate its goodness.  To play peekaboo a moment longer, hold hands just a second more, or read another night time story. The days are gone to fast and more often than not, I'm looking at pictures on my phone to remember our day and that isn't acceptable. In the hustle and bustle that is this world I vow to stop and smell the roses ... This week as hard as it might be I promise to snuggle in bed with the boys an extra twenty minutes, let bathtime go a little longer, Sing itsy bitsy spider AGAIN and AGAIN, build a bigger fort with pillows and use the GOOD blankets, lay in that fort with my boys and listen to their laughter, listen to each and every word that comes out of their mouth, and read as many bed time stories as they want!  Maybe I'll be late to something, not make it to the store, or forget to wash some dishes because of it ..but who cares!  I'll be able to look back with no regrets... Isn't that worth more?
I challenge each of you to stop and smell the roses this week... Take an extra moment with your kids, parent, or co worker. Make them feel your love and see they are important. . . Important enough to "waste your time" with.  

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