Wednesday, December 21, 2011

YORK is 3!!

York turned 3 this past Saturday... we spent his birthday at the Opryland hotel in Nashville!!  We met Shrek, Puss in Boots, the cast of Madagascar, and Po from Kung Fu Panda!!  Wesley's mother (yaya) took us for the weekend for a Bday bash/ early Christmas Present!  We had an absolute blast and especially enjoyed our breakfast with Shrek...complete with Shrek waffels and oath to enjoy!!  A dance from all of the character and picture time as well!   We decorated ginger bread men, rode the train, peddeled the tiny cars, and enjoyed a ride on an amazing ICE slide.  The Christmas decor was just breathtaking and a nice way to get in the Christmas spirit. 
((I have a BILLION pictures that I will post soon!))
Happy Happy 3rd Birthday to my oldest -the little blonde that holds my heart in the palm of his hand, my perfectly adorable, miracle baby.  Each day I am amazed at all that you have learned, the many things your have taught me, and your continued love for your brother. You make my mornings sweeter with your sugar, my afternoons calmer with your naps, and my nights complete knowing you are tucked safely away in your bed.  You are the funniest child I have ever met... your laughter contagious.  You have the kindest heart and incredible expression.  You are the most amazing little man ...I couldn't have dreamed you to be any more perfect.  You have a little "diva" deep down (but dont we all??) and you are learning about sin as we have introduced an "attention stealer" known as Mr. P.  You have done well with the transition to BIG Brother and are taking on your "bossy' roles without hesitation.  The moments when you reach to hold Perrys hand, help wipe his mouth, or tell him you Love him illuminate my soul.  The moments when you smack him, "accidentally" knock him down, or take a toy remind me that we all fall short of his glory.  You are an absolute gift ...reassurance that our GOD is unbelievably good.  My prayer for you is that you continue to be obedient, loving, happy, and innocent.  I pray for your relationship with Perry and that it will continue to flourish and be the most important bond you will ever know.  I pray that your heart will always be capable of love and forgiveness, for compassion and humility, that you will try to see the good in others, and have a steadfast love for our Savior.  Lastly... I pray that you will feel the amount of love that is surrounding you and know that you are IMPORTANT and mean the absolute world to many.

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