Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jabber Jaws - What's that horrible stink?

While watching a cartoon York began talking about a character that was in danger... "Mom, I gotta save him.  How do I get on TV?!"

I told Wes to make sure he brushed York's teeth, changed his diaper, and put long PJ's on him because it was cold outside (Wes does the boys nightly bedtime routines) ... Wes brought York over to kiss me goodnight as I finished up my helpful reminders (ha). York kisses me and says "Good night MISS BOSSY!"  I couldn't help but laugh!

I have a TERRIBLE problem with calling York "heifer" sometimes ... jokingly OF COURSE!  I didn't realize he even "heard" this until recently when he yelled to me "Thanks EVAN HEIFER HARLESS"

York has been very interested in distinguishing daytime from night.  We explain when the sun is up we are too and when it gets dark we go to bed.  While trying to get him to nap last week... York says "Mom, it's up time not night time... the sun is out!"

We decorated our massive Christmas tree last week ... York loved helping by placing his Spongebob ornament on the tree and taking it off again.  He didn't really say a whole lot about the tree until a couple of days ago... He walked in the house and walked over to our tree, "Its Christmas time! and the Tree looks beautiful.. you did a great job!"

We were getting out of the bathtub when York notices "Your not a girl your a mommy! and P doesn't have a mommy"

"Mom, you don't have a Spongebob nose -You have a delicate girl nose"  UMMM... how does he know the word delicate?

He took his shirt off last night and said, "I naked like DADDY and I LIKE IT!"

We ate breakfast with "skip" last Saturday and York's biscuit never came.  After a moment of waiting to see if they "forgot" it ... Skip went to the front to ask what happened.  York turns to me and says, "Skip gonna handle this!"

York and I were watching TV in my bed this weekend and he leans on me and states, "What is this horrible stink coming from my mouth?  I need to brush my teeth!"

York made a manger at school today complete with Baby Jesus.  While on the way home from school Perry began yelling and York sternly says, "P don't wake my baby Jesus up.. enough!"

While caring Baby Jesus into the house he was "accidentally flung" out of his manger... York sympathetically asks, "Did Baby Jesus get a boo boo?"

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