Sunday, November 27, 2011


REWIND to last year as I watched the Iron Bowl from my trusty ole recliner... wincing in pain as contractions began.  40 weeks pregnant -I watched my due date come and go!  I was eating all things spicy, jogging around the neighborhood, and lets not mention the acts of desperation I may have given into to have this BABY!  Wes begged me to wait until the game was over before we went to the hospital... so I did.  I was able to get a couple of hours of sleep that night and headed to the hospital the next day to find out I was 5 centimeters and ready to go... Perry made his debut a short 2 hours later.  I remember telling my mother "that was SO easy I can totally understand why people have multiple pregnancies" (not quite my sentiments after giving birth to York)!  He joined our family November 27, 2010 weighing a perfect 6 lbs 9 ounces.  He brought new beginnings and changed our world in a way we couldn't imagine.  He made me a boy expert, York a big brother, and Wes a nervous WRECK! hehe!  He brought more happiness than I can ever record on paper.  The best way to describe it... is to remember the way York looked at him in the early days after the hospital.  It was a look of innocence, hope, trust and overflowing love.  The way that Perry looks to his big brother now -a look of absolute adoration.  I hope my boys will grow to be closer than I can ever imagine, to walk with our Lord and develop a bond that can not be destroyed, to love others the way they have been loved, and to teach their children the value of family.  Perry lights up my every minute and illuminates others with his smile.  He is kind, happy, and most importantly a perfect fit to our puzzle.  Perry Daniel Harless is our little monkey that we celebrate today and thank God for.  Thank you Lord for allowing me experience this kind of joy.  Thank you for choosing me to be Perry's mother and equip me with the right words, thoughts, and actions to raise him in a way suitable for your kingdom.  Happy Birthday to a beautiful boy... MY baby! 
 "Perry we love you with all of our hearts" -mommy


Confessions said...

happy bday sweet perry!!!

Margaret said...

Precious party. Those boys are both beautiful! And I LOVED the cmas card ;)...XOXO