Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is his Super Bowl...

Mommy likes surprises! Wes called me from work on Monday to say that he had an opportunity to fish a Billfish Tournament in Miami weekend after next. (FYI... for those of you who do NOT know Wesley -he is OBSESSED with deep sea fishing! This is his SuperBowl!) I immediately said YOU MUST GO! His reply was .. "Babe your going with me!" WHAT.. I can't just pick up and leave my babies that soon without some serious preparation! But sweet hubby knew my all to well and had already made arrangements for the boys! Woo HOO! There is a catch ladies... I must fish the tournament too! Apparently I have a good chance of winning the "lady angler" division because there aren't very many signed up. Although I am NO "lady angler" I have a CRAZY competitive side that will be driving this gal! No complaints here... to be in sunny South Beach for 5 nights (1 day of fishing) and a possible cash prize... my kinda vacay! For those of you who would like to see how we stack up to last years competition go to http:// I am so fortunate to have a hubs who wants his "old lady" tagging along! I will have a gazillon pictures to upload of the fabulous getaway and hopefully I will be able to enjoy while missing the other men in my life! (York and Perry of course!!)

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