Friday, March 18, 2011

What a month....whew!

York's expression explains how the last several weeks have gone! Perry is getting so big!! Sitting in York's old bumbo!
Looking around... still NOT a fan of "tummy time"
York loves his daddy's boots!
Goggie came to visit the boys and brought some GREAT goodies!
(She had a pace maker put in on Monday and is doing great! Continued prayers for quick recovery...
Sweet York heading to school
York loves to "tickle" Perry and P isn't so amused!
The "infamous" boot! Thank goodness its gone and I'm in a brace now!
York had to wrap his leg too...
my sweet baby boys..
holding hands
lady killer
SWIM LESSONS with Mrs. Jenny!
Not so sure about swim lessons... Day 1
A smile from P to get you through the day!

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