Friday, January 2, 2009

Doctor Doctor give me the news...

Life is so HARD...
Look how adorable... I think he is praying!
His sweet outfit from "The Good Life"... He was GQ for his doctors appointment!
Between York and Shug I have NO room in my bed!
Today was York's first doctors appointment. He is up to 5 pounds 2 ounces! He did great... this was our first outing and of course it had to RAIN. Not only was his appointment at 8 AM...It was quite a sight trying to juggle a newborn, umbrella, diaper bag, purse, etc. But we managed without getting little man wet! Next time I will consolidate all of my "stuff" into the diaper bag! Of course everyone at the doctors office thought he was adorable and I ate that up! He is such a sweet baby and has his fathers calm disposition! The doc would like for Wesley and I to get flu shots... so that is on the agenda for tomorrow. She also suggested that we hold off all visitors for another 4-6 weeks because of cold and flu season and how susceptible he is. She said that if he were to contract something in the next couple of weeks that he couldn't fight it on his own and would end up in the hospital! So I am taking all necessary precautions to keep him healthy... Sorry family and friends you will have to follow York through pictures for a couple more weeks! Have a great weekend!

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Margaret said...

He is so BEAUTIFUL. Such pretty skin! I am glad ya'll are doing so well, esp. sweet York!