Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2 weeks...

Proud grandmother... MAE-MAE! Stealing Kisses!!
York in front of the beautiful flowers Jana sent him.

York is now 2 weeks old... time is flying by! Mom and Ashton have returned to their lives in Montgomery and Auburn and I am already missing them. It was so nice having them here. We became incredibly spoiled... Mom had breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table each day, Ashton keep the house clean, and they both took great care of me and York. Wesley was able to have uninterrupted sleep each night so he would be fresh for work and I was able to catch a couple of z's here and there. So tonight will be our first night without the ladies! Wesley is IN FOR IT! He hasn't had the privilege of waking to a crying little one, stinky diaper, or 2 AM feeding. He is about to have a WAKE UP call... literally!
York will have his first doctors appointment with the pediatrician this Friday at 8:30 AM. I am excited to see how much he has grown. He continues to eat like a little pig and burps like a grown man. It is hilarious to hear such a loud noise from such a little person! He is really alert and loves to check everything out. He makes the cutest faces and I am completely OBSESSED with every little thing he does. I could stare at him for hours! ((moms... you know exactly what I mean!)) I think I have recorded his entire first 2 weeks of life in either pictures or video! I have officially become the "Picture Nazi". I want to be able to remember this special time and always be reminded of what a miracle he truly is.
Happy New Year!!

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Katie said...

He is so precious. I am glad y'all are all doing well. Happy New Year!