Monday, December 1, 2008

Pregnancy Week 33...

It is December 1st...WOW! We will have our little man here NEXT month! It is hard to believe... 9 months (actuallY 10 months) seems like a really long time to be pregnant and believe me... when you are sick the first 5, it is! But you really need those months to get used to the idea that you are about to bring another being into this world...That every decision you make from here on out affects another life...To discuss and decide on all of the things you and your other half deem important to teach your little miracle. To realize that your role in life will soon change. You immediately begin thinking of all of the things you would like to teach him (How to pray, How to love, How to share, How to treat others, etc), places you would like to take him (Disney World, Chicago Aquarium, Auburn Football games, Dad's land, Mom's pool), and so much more! List of parental requirements: Affection without sentiment, authority without cruelty, discipline without aggression, humor without ridicule, sacrifice without obilgation, companionship without possessiveness. This was a quote out of one of my many books and I feel it is a perfect summary of the way we should attempt parenting... I thought I would share!

We had a doctors appointment this morning and my amniotic fluid level has gone back down to 18! That is perfect...what a relief! York is weighing 4 pounds and 3 ounces now...Dr. Hancock thinks he will be between 7 and 8 pounds at birth! We go back on the 15th for our LAST 2 week visit... THEN we will go once a week until he arrives!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and I am enjoying being at home! I have been able to begin and almost complete our Christmas shopping, decorating the house/tree, and managing to cook dinner nightly!! I think Wes is in heaven! I am trying to enjoy each day as it comes because I do not want to wish away this amazing time... although I can not wait until I do not feel a little foot in my rib cage daily! What an amazing gift to be apart of one of God's greatest miracles! We are so very lucky and so incredibly blessed!


Margaret said...

You are right..York will be here before you know it! I am so excited for you, and I am so glad your doctor's appointment went well!

Ashley said...

Oh how exciting! Before you know it, York will be fun! Enjoy this time together for sure. Oh and I love that quote about parenting...what books are you reading??