Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Beginning to look alot like Christmas...

We added a stocking this year... even though York hasn't arrived yet!
Wesley and I found the COLDEST day of the year so far to put up lights!! Burr!
We got the tree up... haven't wrapped any presents yet!
I even added some Holiday Cheer to the mailbox!The finished product!
Finally... all of the decorations are up and the Harless Household is beginning to feel like Christmas! I enjoy waking each morning to the smell of our REAL tree, the sound of The Lamb Family Christmas CD, and looking at all of the wonderful ornaments we were given on our first Christmas! We are excited to spend our last Christmas together as a couple! We hope to make it to the Zoo Light Safari that begins next Friday and spend the holidays with friends and family. I guess we will look forward to next year with a toddler pulling lights off the tree, trying to eat ornaments, torturing Shug, and who knows what else!! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope your Holiday shopping and family traditions are coming together nicely!

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