Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday York... 1 month!

Happy Happy Birthday...
It is hard to believe that 1 month ago this little miracle graced us with his sweet presence. Technically he is supposed to STILL be inside of me... YIKES! York is so healthy and growing by the minute! It has been an exciting week ... York is out of preemie diapers, preemie clothes, preemie passies, and preemie bottles! He also slept for 4 hours last night... YAY! He is eating 3 ounces now and adding to his double chin. I love seeing his little fat rolls they are so adorable... He has come such a long way in 1 month! He is super alert and enjoys looking around the room. He is also making the sweetest little noises! I have been putting him to sleep in his bed during the day and in the bassinet at night. He has recently began sucking on his fingers if I am not quick enough with the passie. Each day brings new challenges and discoveries. Each night I praise the Lord for this precious little life ... and thank him for choosing Wes and I to be his parents. Sweet Dreams!
Rocking the Mohawk! Not loving it!
In his bed... loving the teddy bear mobile!
Wide eyed and bushy tailed...
Mesmerized by Mae Mae (my mom)

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