Monday, August 23, 2010

Reality sinking in!

It's official... my York-man is turning into a big boy! He is no longer my little baby! Reality has recently started to sink in... I think this feeling is multiplied because I have begun washing newborn clothes and getting both boy's rooms stocked with the essentials. Perry's room is getting newborn diapers, pacifiers, powder, baby shampoo, receiving blankets, rattles, and soft plush toys... while York's room is filled to the max with matchbox cars, puzzles, books, talking toys, riding toys, big boy toilet, toothbrush, blocks, etc. See... this momma is a little misty! My first born has morphed into busy toddler right before my eyes! Where did these last 20 months go? Here are some signs that by sweet boy is growing up:
  • Starting school (mothers day out-2 days a week) September 7, 2010
  • Enjoyed nursery at Church so much that he didn't want to leave!
  • Transitioning to Big Boy Bed!
  • talking so much -tells me if he is hungry/thirsty/tired
  • working on telling me when he has to potty!
  • eats with spoon/fork
  • enjoys looking/reading books for 10 minutes or longer
  • likes to watch Sprout Cartoons in the morning
  • eats so well -anything we are having he gets!
  • doesn't forget about objects when they are taken out of his sight!
  • likes for things to be clean -wipes table off after eating and hands/mouth
  • starts daddy's truck with the key less entry! (thinks its hysterical -Wes does NOT!)
  • walks Shug with a leash

These are some things that have thrown me into Emotional Mad Woman status! Not to mention I am about to begin my third trimester... LIFE, SLOW DOWN PLEASE! I am trying so hard to soak up each and every second but I have hit a little tired patch in this pregnancy and it is all I can do to keep my eyes open in the afternoons. Thank the Lord for York's afternoon siestas... momma appreciates them! Sorry no pix this post... refer to the 200 I posted last time!

Perry Update:

I go Wednesday for my gestational diabetes testing and 7 month check up/shot. Other than the fatigue I am feeling really well.. enjoying this sweet time! (may be the last time I have a pregnant belly!) That's a post for another day!

Love you all... Ev

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Margaret said...

Loved York's pictures! prayers for passing that awful test! i had GD with Simms and