Monday, August 2, 2010

Trading Spaces

We have finally finished the transition and completion of Baby Perry's nursery and York-man's big boy room! Perry inherited York's nursery with some changes in wall color and art. We transformed one of the upstairs rooms in to rustic-chic for Mr. York. Below are too many pictures to showcase the long hard work. Thanks to my man slave (aka Wes) for all of the after hours painting, moving furniture, and then moving furniture again, hanging pictures, hanging blinds, re-hanging pictures, putting furniture together, hauling off trash, and retrieving the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper for me, etc. I couldn't have done it without you. I have a few other projects I'm putting together for York's room but on the whole he is ready to begin sleeping upstairs. We are going to let him start with naps in the big boy room and see how that goes. We are not in a huge rush to get him up there since Perry will not make his debut until November. I don't want to push him and selfishly would like him to be "confined" to the crib a while longer. Enjoy...

Perry's -Furry Friend- Nursery

Ignore the swing with blue blankets on the right... don't have a place for that yet. Its home is in the middle of the room right now.

Above is my amazing antique find... the sweet giraffe!! I found him at Peddlers of the Past in Alabaster and fell in love. My mother-in-law recently said she saw a similar one at World Market for $99 and I paid a whopping $15 for mine! What a steal!

York's Rustic-Chic Toddler Room

This is the adorable bed we had made at Seibels in Homewood. They did a fantastic job and I just love how it looks in the room!

"Hello, my name is Shug and I still live here ... I promise!"

Above you will see the brown table ... that was Wesley's and his mothers when they were little. PROJECT # 1: I'm planning on painting the table to match the fish artwork above his dresser!

ABOVE Project #2: I'm in the process of attaching York's letters to a piece of driftwood that I found... we will see how this goes.

Below are 2 of my favorite pieces for the room... they are prints of Lake Logan Martin and Lake Martin! We found those at Seibels as well and I think they will be able to accompany York to Auburn or wherever he chooses to go to college! Very COOL prints!

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Allison and Karl said...

Y'all did a great job painting Perry's room! I just can't believe York is going to be in a big boy bed!! Both rooms look so precious.