Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say what you need to say...

"Sometimes when I wait too long I have to pee outside link an animal."

"I put boo boo traps all over the house."

"it was before rams came from heaven ... Before he touched earth."

"that plane made an X in the sky for me because it's my world."

"I'll freak out and won't come back until July" 
(if we had another baby)

"abc pipe" (PVC pipe)

"I lost my mind when I saw my presents"

"my mind was blowing up"

"sun will change your life."

"I'm from sweetieville"

York you are 1 hot mess - mom
"no, I not - I'm a masterpiece"-York 

"'my eardrums can't take that"
(Ramsay crying)

"this ice cream is changing my life"

"I have gps in my pants"
(regarding his amazing perception of direction)

"I got this at the freak out toy store... You know when you get the toy you want and you freak out!!!"

"this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home, this little piggy went to the bass pro shops" (on sweet Ramsay's piggies)

"look at that dog lasso!" (dog leash)

"that is frustrating"

Perry is talking up a storm as well!!
He calls my brothers girlfriend Kristin.. Kitten (which has stuck)
"hush- mere" (hush come here!)
Coo bean (cool beans)
You Racal (rascal)
Oh tooey (oh fooey)
Tanks wheaty (thx sweetie)
Kunkin pie (pumpkin pie)
Bubba or rork (York)
Bebe (Ramsay)
Doing? (what are you doing?) 
He will repeat most anything and has such a doll face voice! He loves to sing, play guitar, or the drums. He joins me nightly singing twinkle twinkle, daisy, you are my sunshine, and Jesus loves me. I just melt when he sings... Darling boy. 

Ramsay is talking too-- cooing and babbling. 

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