Friday, February 22, 2013


As most of you know, Wes is a home builder by trade.  He was a builder when we met and built until we were pregnant with York.  When the market began to decline and money inconsistent we decide to explore other options.  Luckily, Wesley's family needed help in their family business and it was a smooth God made transition.  Although we weren't building full time we decided to keep up his license in hopes that one day he would use it again.  Building is Wesley's passion... it is his first love and his special talent.  I have been throwing around the idea of "flipping" a house since Ramsay was born.  I am always looking for ways to secure our financial future and provide Wes an outlet doing what he loves on the side.  Recently the opportunity has shown itself and after careful thought and much prayer we decide to pursue this dream of mine.  We have closed on a property in the Redmont area with wonderful friends and hope to finish all construction by mid march..  The house is so unique and a wonderful find.  I have begun a blog ( and hope you will follow our progress throughout!!
In other BREAKING news... We have decided to buy some land and BUILD for ourselves!  We did not mean to do these 2 very LARGE projects simultaneously .. it just happened that way.  We are relying heavily on prayer to keep our priorities straight during the next coming months.  I hope to include the boys in every stage of the build and allow them to even "dig" a little of our foundation and swing a hammer or two.  They are so very excited about living in the "country" .. haha!  It is definitely not the country but the wooded lot does give that feel -which I adore!  I can't wait to give our boys the feeling of "freedom" to build tree houses, climb trees, have large area to play, and ride toys like I did growing up.  Here is our "under contract" lot!  I'm sure you will get CRAZY tired of my updates -but hope it will serve as a way to track progress with pictures.
 It has been over a month since I've blogged!  We are a little busy as you can see but promise to jump Back on the blogger bandwagon!  Family update....H1 is doing great -Loving school, moved up to children's church out of nursery (tear), begging to wear flip flops and short sleeves daily, and keeps me in stitches with his one liners! H2 is talking up a storm and I have to add has the most precious voice!  He says "doin" to everyone ... Aka what are you doing? He is feisty, energetic, and is amazed by his older and younger brothers. H3 is cutting teeth, growing big, and killing us with that grin!  He is an absolute gift- sweet, funny, and calm!!! Loving these boys and our daily adventures. 

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Congrats!! Lots going on for sure :)