Tuesday, May 14, 2013


"Do you have a girlfriend?" - pop pop

"No oo o ...they are too expensive!" York  

"I love you petal to the metal" - York 

"Mom -you need a sleep number bed." -York 
((too much television?))

"I have kong fu skills" - York 

"Oh great day" -York 
(learned from uncle Scott)

"I love snails -I think they are gorgeous!" -York 

"I feel so free mom!" -York 
(walking naked after bath) 

"I don't do sleepovers " - York 
(when asked to stay the night) 

"Girls can not go to home depot.  It's just too dangerous. You can like it mom but you can't go!" - York 

(justifying a boys trip to the depot) 

"I want to change your name to Dave mat-u" -York 
(Dave Matthews -- bc of my hysteria surrounding last post/ concert)

"Do you know what I like to do for fun? I like to kick people's 
buts." -York 

"I'm not cute I'm cool" - York 

"Dot call me kid ...call me preschooler!" -York 

"Mommy your an expert " -York 

"I love you so much even when you make me 'mad as I can go'." -York 

"Heaven has a gift shop" -York 

"What does heaven look like? " - me
"It had beautiful flowers and lots of hummers"-York
(York's obsession w daddy's humme
r has hit an all time high)

"I don't like the color you are when u tan" York to me

"Is that why you bought me these water Guns? ...So I could protect you from lizards!" -York

"I've been hunting for days. Shot 10 ducks" -York
(duck dynasty)

"I've been walking for years ...that's why my shoes have holes" -York
(wearing crocs)

"Stay close someone might snatch you." - me
"I'll snatch them --they don't know about me!" -York
(where does he get this confidence??)

"I just burped on the interstate"- York

"Get your bloody face away from me" -York
(after my fall)

"Mom you're Acting like you're 22!" -York

"Those dogs in the doggy trap are mean!" -York
(perhaps that's called a dog pen)

"Is he into those ?" -York
 (Ramsay eating Cheerios)

"I love you so much" -P
"Thank you brother sir" -P
"Santa watchin you!"- P
"No cut my chicken fingers!" -P
"What chew think about that!" -P
"Hey broda bear!" -P
"let's jam momma! Windows down.. Turn it up!" -P
"I love mommy boo boos" -P
(after my fall)
"How bout that!"-P
"Whose your best friend ? - me   "SteFAnie" -P
(his teacher)
"Chocolate nilla " -P
(what he calls chocolate krispy Kreme donuts)
"You s bad boy-- you go jail !" -P
"perry did you bite that boys?" - me
"he a bad boy.. I bite him 2 times!" -P

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