Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perry D turned three!

Rise and shine its donut time!
We celebrated sweet P on his actual birthday last Wednesday -November 27!  We enjoyed a morning with donuts, family, and amazing friends. Perry loved his donut cake and Ramsay officially won the prize for most donuts eaten in one sitting!  Perry began the morning with this quote, "it is not my birthday and I do NOT like donuts!" Luckily, we pushed through and by birthday time he was in rare form. ((Donuts are in fact his favorite food group!)). The kids were able to color a donut page, decorate their own donut, and play toss the donut game. It was an absolute wonderful day to turn three!  We appreciate the Heavenly Donut Company for allowing us to party!
Perry Daniel you are one amazing kid. You are funny, loving, and kind. You are the most like me- in that- you are crazy hard headed and bossy!  I enjoy watching your eyes light up when you see new things. I love that you watch York's every move and you call Ramsay "your baby". I love that you look like a tiny angel when you fall asleep beside me. I love how you fight sleep because you feel like you will miss something - as do I!  I love how your tiny fingers fold together when you bow your head to pray and how you insist that God is the boss!  I love how you aren't scared of a thing.. You are so brave. I love your smile and that giggle laugh.  I love your silky hair and how it falls into place without a brush. I love your big doe eyes and how they slant down ever so slightly on the ends. I love your crazy long eyelashes and button nose. I love how you want to brush your teeth almost hourly. I love the excitement you get when your brother or father comes home and the incredible bear hugs you give. I love that your convicted.. Which is the reason for your stubbornness.   You will be very successful in this life because of your passion. I will vow to help guide that passion to glorify our savior. You are one amazing little boy and I'm blessed that your my little in the middle!

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Jeff and Tascha Fyke said...

This made me cry! Love this little boy. He truly is amazing :)