Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jabber Jaws -Just say thank you!

We were welcomed into the hair salon by a sweet young girl and York proclaims, "I have a mullep (mullet).. seeeee it!" as he points to the back of his head.

We forgot York's Auburn hat at home and he said, "Awe Snap!"

We were in the car headed to the grocery store and York was quietly playing with his trucks and I hear him whisper, "I love you John Deer Truck".

Same car ride = York tells me, "Mom 2 hands! Put da phone in your purse!"  I guess he is keeping me safe!

Wes can be a bit high strung at times... and he came home the other night complaining about something and York said, "Dad just relax -be lax!"

York has recently begun turning on my car when I'm putting Perry in his seat. The first time he did this I got upset and told him how dangerous this was and he should never do that unless he asks me and I help him... he looks over and sweetly says, "Just say thank you mommy!"

I asked Perry to tell York how good he was being and York quickly looked up and said, "P doesn't talk, mom!"

Perry was crawling away from York's wrath when I hear York call out, "Come here rascal!"

We were behind a very slow car and York yells, "Move ON dude!"  Hopefully he doesn't inherit my road rage... eek!

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