Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 10 months sweet PERRY!

Perry Daniel Harless is 10 months old!!!  I can not believe it.. he is such a big boy and steals my heart with every look!  He has absolutely NO interest in pacifiers... York also gave his up around this age.  No complaints here!  He loves finger foods and his bottle.  He gets very excited when you show him the bottle.  We will begin introducing a sippy cup in the next couple of weeks.  He already drinks out of my straw at dinner... little heifer!  He is in a "big boy" car seat and is enjoying seating more upright!  He is a sweet heart with an infectious smile... we adore you P!  You make each and every day that much better! xoxo-mom

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LCM said...

Evan, you & Wes make beautiful babies!!! Cannot believe our boys are this close to their big 1st birthday!!! Would love to get together with you when your in town! Also, where did you get that cute toomers gingham tshirt??? I love it! WDE!!