Sunday, June 10, 2012

She saves me from BREAK DOWNS!!!

Meet Tascha!
She has made such a difference in our lives in the short time we have known her.  She is kind, smart, incredibly patient, and an amazing woman of God.  I began looking for some help around Christmas anticipating the arrival of Baby #3 and the ending of Mother's Day Out within weeks of each other.  I knew my Spring/Summer would be difficult with a 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old -trying to help at the drug store/ working with our Charity/ and training on the side if there was time.  It is hard living away from your family because they are the natural choices for help when you have a baby.  I have wonderful in-laws that are happy to help in a pinch but both work full time.  So I hate asking them to take off to help us.  My mom and sister are great help but both live over an hour and half away and also work.  ((Unfortunately our church doesn't have a weekly nursery option and I didn't want to throw them in some church/school for a couple of weeks.))  So Wes and I discussed the idea of hiring someone to help during the week.  The Lord brought us Tascha... she and her sweet husband were moving here from Tennessee and she was looking to work with children and also fulfill her duties as the wife of a minister.  She has an elementary education degree and knew it would be difficult to find a position in the middle of the year.  After checking references and exhausting prayer we hired her.  I can not express to you how amazing she is... The boys adore her and it is evident she loves them equally.  It makes for a much easier trip to the grocery store, date day with one of the boys, haircuts, dentist appointments, my weekly doctors appointments, donation pick ups, YMCA meetings, etc.  I do know I would be one CRAZY momma without her.   Since being on bed rest with both York and Perry I didn't know what this pregnancy would hold... well as of Friday I am officially on "light" bed rest.  I'm not sure what that looks like with 2 kids under the age of 3 but we are working on it.  I feel good and am able to rest when I need to because of sweet Tascha!  Thank you Lord for bringing her into our lives and allowing our extened family a break... I think my mom spent the last month and a half of Perry's pregnancy running up and down the interstate to stay with us!  Thank you Tascha for all of your amazing help and love for our boys... your the BEST!

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