Friday, June 1, 2012

Schools out for ...SUMMER!

Ramsay and I are doing great.  We have 3 more weeks of shots and then Dr. H will let him come! Remember that Mr. Perry decided to cook a few extra weeks so I have no clue what to expect with this little bug!   I'm crossing fingers for the last week of June or early July but as God has shown me time again that I am not in control .. .Still working to embrace that.  Nursery is done for the most part (of course we are still lacking  infant diapers, formula, bassinet, and co sleeper =we prematurely gave those things away).  I will soon get into York's closet for baby clothes and dig into the garage for old bottles!  It is funny that I had EVERYTHING situated by this time with the other two and this time I am struggling to finish one task.  It will all come together because the nesting has begun!  I did order the little guy 2 sweet coming home outfits and some monogrammed items this week.  And we did manage to buy a new car seat!!  baby steps people....

In sweet P news -we went for his 18 month appointment today and he is a solid 23 pounds (actually just under 23 but we are going to call it even)!!  That is 10-25th percentile for his age... same with his height.  So looks like he is just going to stay a little guy with BIG attitude!  That sounds like a girl I know... hmm!  (Takes after his momma!)  He loves to follow "bubba" everywhere and do mimic his every move.  York is a pretty good sport but his permanent shadow does wear on him after a while.  Perry just loves to be beside York at all times... and I think it is precious. 
Whats been going on...We joined Skip at the galleria for a little lunch and Carousel ride!  What a treat... Norm rode with both boys and gave this momma a much needed break.  The boys had a great time and it was Perry's first time to ride with bubba!  He was all smiles as they waved each time they came around.  Thanks Skip for a great lunch DATE!

This week we have had hair cuts, pool time, bday at chuck-e-cheese, lunch date with Daddy at the store,Ya-Ya time, and doctors appointments.  We have had a LONG week but are excited for the weekend.  Hoping to enjoy some fishing with daddy and maybe a pool visit or too.  I have some fantastic 4D pics of sweet Ramsay that I will work on posting next week and more hilarity that comes out of the mouth of our first born!  Stay tuned...

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