Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm like a hovercraft...

Say WHAT?  Yorkisms...

"P is a go go baby!  He loves to go in the car, mom"

"On your Mart, Get Set, GO!"

"I'm little red!!" 
(walking around with his Easter Basket)

"Say hut hut... That's Spanish"
(hiking ball to brother)

"Look at those lovers!" 
(As we are walking down the beach, York motions to a young couple hugging in the surf)

"Daddy, I'm taking your wife!"
"She is my wife now."

"Mommy that man looks CREEPY!"
(Said LOUDLY as a gentleman passes by in Edgars Bakery -can you say EMBARRASSED!)

SAME EDGARS TRIP:  York goes behind the counter and yells, "Order UP!"

"Sold Separately"
(As he talks about one of his toys)

"Mommy, mommy look at that PECKER!"
(referring to a woodpecker in the back yard)

"No we aren't, I'm on daddy's page"
(I was asking him if we were on the same page about the days activities)

"I'm a meatball machine!"
(after devouring spaghetti and meatballs)

"I hope they are all right!"
(After we heard ambulances in the neighborhood)

"I've got a diagnosis for you"
(telling Wes he could fix his computer)

"NO! P! that is NOT English"
(Perry talking in the car)

"Daddy you are so hilarious"

"You know I like you soooo much!"

"Mommy, that was tactic!"

"I'm about 30%"
(response to how are you feeling)

"I need my chee cain"
(key chain)

"My hair is outrageous!"

"I'm like a hovercraft... I go on land and water!"

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