Monday, May 7, 2012

Ramsay and Marvin Harless
We have had a rough couple of weeks... Wesley lost his grandmother on Wednesday morning.  The only peace I was able to find was in the fact that my sweet Papa was walking her through the pearly gates.  Two precious lives lost within days of each other.  They were both wonderful role models to Wesley and I and have been missed terribly already.  Here are our thoughts on MJ's life...
Momma Jo never wanted a big fuss over her… not at birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. She never wanted to inconvenience anyone her entire life. She was the most selfless woman I’ve ever known. She deserved to be fussed over, she deserved to be celebrated, most importantly she deserved to be patted on the back.  Patted on the back for the many years of dedication to her husband and children.  Family was the most important thing to MJ and that is known by those who loved her. She was the kindest mother you will ever find and the most incredible grandmother.  Wesley said that she didn’t mind if you wanted to "cook" dirt, mud, and rocks from the backyard in her kitchen...she just enjoyed every second she was able to spend by your side. She cherished those moments and took advantage of each second, we should all learn from her. She is most know for her culinary skills.  She loved making others happy through their stomachs with her famous chocolate chip cookies or famous fudge.  My greatest memories of MR are at the beach. She loved nothing more than sitting under the tent with her family surrounding her.   She appreciated the beauty of a sunset, the innocence of a child, and the importance of relationships.  Especially hers with our Lord.  She marveled in the newest additions to her family... Her great grandchildren. What a gift she was to them. I hope they will hold on to her memories and inherit her wisdom and great love for family. She is an inspiration to Wes and I and we hope that we can honor her for the rest of our lives by cherishing each moment we are given. Today we celebrate her life well lived, may her timeless legacy life on through us and thank you MJ for touching each of our lives in such special ways.

MJ, Momma Jo, M-R, Ramsay... all nicknames of 1 amazing lady:: Ramsay Jo Lasster Harless.  She is survived by 4 sisters, amazing husband, 3 children, 2 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.  We put her to rest on Friday beneath 2 beautiful trees that provided her with the shade she so much adored.  It seemed only fitting... I hope to take York to see her grave when he gets a little older with a picnic of my "version" of her chocolate chip cookies.  I will tell him of her wonderful ways and funny sense of humor.  I know she will be listening to our conversation and watching over our days here on Earth.
Thank you Lord for my salvation... thank you for my everlasting life.  If I did not have you and this promise these last 2 weeks would have been unbearable.  With your guidance, love, support, and unfaltering grace I am given so much peace.  You have allowed me to look at these circumstances with a happy heart... knowing I will see my family again in a perfect setting.  A reunion of all reunions... and for that I am grateful.

For those of you who did not know... we told MJ around Perry's birthday (back in November) that we would be naming this baby after her.  Girl OR Boy we would choose to honor her.  She was thrilled and I'm so glad that she knew this baby would carry on her name... I only wished she would have been able to meet him.  Thomas Ramsay Harless will continue her legacy when he arrives in July. 
(update of baby coming soon)

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