Wednesday, May 2, 2012

so proud to be a Perry

Papa (James Perry), me, and dad (Steve Perry)
My Papa passed away 2 weeks ago and left behind an amazing legacy.  He was the father of 5 wonderful boys, husband to 1 incredible Mimi, grandfather to 11, and great grandfather to 4.  He died at the age of 85 and lived a long happy life.  I was honored to be asked to speak at the funeral and read a poem that I wrote on his 80th birthday.  It was such a surreal day... I didn't know if my emotions would get the best of me, if I would not be able to speak once in front of everyone, or if water works would be all I was capable of producing.  Adding pregnancy hormones to an already difficult situation was challenging.  I knew that not only would my Savior give me the words but that Papa would be holding my hand and steadying my voice as I spoke of his life.  He did just that... he gave me each breath and reassurance as I celebrated his life.  I am so proud to be a Perry, so proud to be a piece of his puzzle, so proud to call him mine.  He wasn't given any daughters and wanted them desperately.  Once my cousin Jana and I were born he took on the spoiling role with pleasure.  To say we were Papa's little princesses is not an exaggeration.  To say he let us get away with high way robbery... if we wanted is -spot on.  He was one of the strongest, bravest, wisest, most handsome men I have ever known.  He was full of corny jokes, fun tidbits, and sound advise.  He loved each of his children and grandchildren with a love that is unexplainable.  When surrounded by family he was happiest.  He was a special man who sent a rose to each of his grand daughters on Valentines Day, indulged our junk food cravings (with Gee-Donk runs), and introduced me to my love of Soaps (Days of Our Lives).  He made a mark in this world by raising capable and strong sons of Christ, by doting on his grandchildren, and supporting each of us as we embarked on different life paths.  He was so proud of his family and we of him.  It was and has been a difficult time... a time that we have been able to reflect on with tears of joy and pain ... a time that each of us never wanted to face ... a journey of one man that touched so many.  We will never forget you sweet Papa and I hope my boys will inherit just some of your amazing traits.  I will do my best to remind them of you daily and teach your ideals, pass on your corny jokes, love for family, and importance of education. 
You have been missed dearly -Ev (angel face)

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