Thursday, June 21, 2012

The scoop on Ramsay

Little Ramsay update:: as of this morning I am 2 centimeters dilated, 50% effaced, and baby is super low!! Alot more progression this time (36 weeks) than with P baby. I would not progress at all with him and each visit I felt was discouraging. I'm having a good amount of contractions (average around every 10 min / most not too painful). Doc said to head to hospital when they become 5-6 min apart... Change could happen overnight or in a matter of weeks!? We set an induction date of July 16 (39 + weeks) if he doesn't come before then. She does not think we will make it all the way. That's a little over 3 weeks from today and I already feel like my body is done. I am getting very excited and ready to meet our last sweet baby. I've finally washed all of his clothes, packed bags, and bought a new car seat! York told me last night if I walked up the hill to the club house Ramsay would fall out. I'm not so sure he isn't right! Perry knows something is up and rarely lets me put him down... He will need a little extra loving in the coming weeks. I don't mind that a bit... He is a cuddle bug. In other news York is in swim lessons and is doing wonderfully! One item off my list... Survival at the pool the rest of the summer for my 3 year old (while newborn and 18 Month old in tow). Life is exciting, busy, hard, and fulfilling right now -all at the same time. I'm still feeling good and anxious to hold my new son. Heart is full! Many thanks for the continued prayers as we were able to avoid a premature delivery and maintain a healthy pregnancy. God is Good


The Badyrka Family said...

Good luck! Thinking of all of you!

Allison and Ryan said...

How exciting! Just around the corner to a family of five.