Friday, January 28, 2011

All we do is WIN, WIN, WIN... no matter what!

Last weekend we packed up the boys and headed to Auburn for the National Championship Celebration! We thought it would be fun to take York to the stadium and enjoy the festivities! Wes planned a lovely weekend which included a weekend stay at Grand National Hotel (along with wonderful room service -which York enjoyed the most), a much needed spa afternoon, and birthday dinner with great friends at my favorite restaurant in Auburn! It was the perfect way to celebrate the big 2-7!! War Eagle Everyone!

Sweet P Update:
We had his 2 month check up this am... he is 11 lbs 2 oz (25-50%) and 22 in long (10-25%) so he is a shrimp! Wes and I are both short so this isn't shocking at all! He is doing well but she does think he has a touch of "colic" which we will be treating with probiotics (there really isn't any medication to "cure" colic) . At this point we will try ANYTHING! His fussy time is from around 6 pm to 11 pm. He is sleeping 8-10 hours at night and has been since 6 weeks old. So no complaints there... I will deal with some afternoon fussiness if I'm able to get a good nights sleep! He loves to smile and coo and likes to be talked to... he loves watching is brother! He will stare at York until he cant hold his eyes open any longer. It is the sweetest thing to watch! Earlier in the week "Skip" and "Suzie" came and watched the boys so Wesley and I could grab dinner and the boys had a ball!! They are the perfect babysitters... we appreciated the night out, guys! thanks so much!

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