Monday, January 3, 2011

Harless Ho! Ho! Ho!

We had wonderful Christmas holiday celebrating the birth of our Savior! I am just now catching my breath from our travels... We enjoyed family, food, and gift giving! York loved opening gifts (all gifts were fair game!) He learned to say "Santa" and how to play the Santa application on my phone thanks to Sissy... he sang Jingle Jingle throughout the Christmas break... he didn't understand the concept of leaving Santa cookies -he ate them! sorry Santa!... he wanted to rearrange every ones tree decorations... and he enjoyed the bags, paper, tape, and ribbons on the gifts instead of the actual goodies inside! Perry enjoyed the festivities while dreaming of angels and waking up every once in a while to see who was holding him .. we played lots of "Pass Perry around"!!

Harless Christmas Marathon run down: We celebrated the York-side of family on Dec. 17, headed to Montgomery on Dec. 22 to visit, Christmas eve with Pinkston-side of family, Christmas morning with dad, Christmas lunch with Perry-side of family, Christmas dinner with Huey-side of family, Dec. 26 had a Pinkston family reunion then headed to the beach for a week with my mom, step-dad, sister, brother and our 4!... we spent New Years back in Bham by ringing in the new year in our SLEEP!... finally we celebrated Harless-side of Christmas yesterday!

Below are some pix from the crazy Harless travels! FYI.. packing 2 boys, a husband, and momma for a week in Montgomery and a week at the beach almost KILLED me! If I haven't lost my mind yet... I don't think I ever will! Kudos to all you mommas out there...

This year I decided to combine a Birth Annoucement and Christmas Card. I think they turned out really beautiful thanks to Inkspots and Polkadots!! Front: Perry Birth Announcement
Back: Harless Christmas Card
Brotherly Love
This was Perry 99% of our Holiday break
York and Turner at the Zoo Light Safari ... Loving some Aubie!
One of York's Favorite toys.. thanks BRAD and HOLLEE!
Enjoying this bag
Harmonica fun!
Sweet moment!
York and Mae-Mae's tree!
Caroline and York playing the piano
Family Picture
my sweet siblings
All of the cousins
back row: John Pair, Bryant Pair, Christopher Brown, Chance Perry, Cole Pinkston, Drew Brown
front row: Grant Watson, me, Caroline Watson, Kathleen Brown, Asthon Perry (Sisssy)
My sweet Boys (minus Perry)

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Margaret said...

Oh my goodness you have beautiful sons! Loved the announcements-thanks for including us! Hope you've gotten some rest after all that traveling! Wow!