Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boys will be Boys

We have 2 sick babies on Snowshill Drive! It is horrible... York has been unable to shake his cold for several weeks. Saturday his annoying cold switched gears from irritating cough to barking cough, running nose, and high fever! I'm pretty sure he is swapping germs with the MDO children because someone is home sick from his class every other day! Well the Harless Household has been out all week! Now sweet P has the beginnings of a nasty cough and I'm praying he doesn't get a fever. We took both boys to the doctor on Monday and they tested negative for flu and strep and the doc said it is mostly likely viral... After 3 days of running fever, a million used Kleenex, raw noses, empty Pedialite bottles, and numerous cough/fever medicine "shots"... I think we see light at the end of the tunnel! My biggest concern is York's new found OBSESSION with medicine. He will cough and look at me and say "Mommy, CHOKE! Need med-cine please". He absolutely loves the taste of it and enjoys drinking it from the "lil cup" (as he calls it). As soon as he downs the liquid he looks at me and says "Rinse out!". He knows the drill all too well. It makes this Momma a little worried about his love of drugs! ahh!
Although I dont mind nursing two sweet boys all day and ALL NIGHT... the Cabin Fever that I have caught is making me a bit crazy!! Not to mention I had a slammed week before the "sickness" came to visit us.
This was the weeks line up:
  • York was supposed to start swim lessons on Monday (Mon & Wed)
  • MDO Tuesday and Friday
  • Monday meeting with nurse practitioner at Drug Store (for charity)
  • Pick up several bags of clothes from 2 locations on Tuesday (for charity)
  • Wednesday meeting with Social Worker at UAB (for charity)
  • Thursday meeting with Aquatics Director at Y for silent auction benefiting YMCA
  • Friday meeting w/ Executive Director at YMCA (assisting them with Strong Kids)
  • Friday night dinner at Bottega w/ friends before Brad Paisley concert
  • ((not to mention the regular: eating dinner with friends, exercise, grocery shopping, etc))

Since all of that was a wash ... here is how the week has panned out so far:

  • Monday -York ran HIGH fever all am (doctor most of the afternoon)
  • Monday night up every other hour with boys bc of fever and P-eating
  • Tuesday sick boys napping and crying most of the day
  • Tuesday night -repeat Monday night
  • Wednesday -fever only in am, York had his first bite of food in 3 days (gold fish), York took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon!
  • Thursday -so far a much better day, York ate all of his waffle, played in playroom for several hours, is napping right this minute!! YAY!

I can't complain because both boys are still smiling and laughing and making my every minute so much fun (except for that minute this am when I was changing Perry's clothes and York decided to dump all of the water out of the tub into my bathroom floor!) That wasn't such a joyous moment! hehe! Looking back... it really wasn't that big of a deal and I come to the conclusion that boys will be boys!

Other News: We have completed the upstairs playroom and are enjoying it so much! I'm ecstatic that all of their toys are in 1 area and not in my den, kitchen, bedroom, etc!!! Wes did a wonderful job of creating the perfect space -even though he didn't LOVE my wall color choices. ((pictures to come)) Our Charity is taking off nicely! We have joined teams with a social worker at UAB that will be assisting our efforts in finding families with genuine needs to benefit from our goods and services. I've also been asked to speak at a Church event in April to a group of ladies who make donations annually to different charities. I'm so blessed they chose us.. thanks Momma Jo! God is doing BIG things and I am so excited. Picture post coming soon!


Ashley said...

For the charity, are you taking just baby/kids clothes? Or adult clothes too? And more than clothes? I just wondered - I can keep a bag of goodies to save for you and send them at some point...or drop them off if we are ever in the Bham area!

The Harless Family said...

We are taking ANYTHING... clothing whole families! We appreciate anything... the smallest items make people so very happy!