Sunday, February 27, 2011

"3 Months"

Happy 3 Months... Sweet Perry!
My tiny baby is 12 weeks old today! I felt that time "flew" when York was an infant... add toddler to the equation and life is in fast forward. These have been the most challenging, most rewarding, most incredible 12 weeks of my entire life. Life as 4 has taken some time to get used to but has been a total blessing. Two little guys wanting Mommy's attention 24/7 and a husband that would like 5 minutes of attention has been quite the balancing act! The sleepless nights, hormonal cries, and stressful situations...all seem worth it when York leans over to kiss Perry's head, P looks up with an adorable smile, or I hear York tell P that he loves him from the other room. Moments like those melt my heart and make me wish I could freeze time. Perry is smiling and cooing and loves to be held. He is doing well with head control and absolutely despises tummy time. He already adores his brother and watches him most of the time. Perry is pretty easy going unless he is tired... he fights sleep worse than I have ever seen. He has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks or so and I could watch him sleep all day. He has the cutest expressions while dreaming. He is absolutely adorable if I do say so myself!! I catch myself staring at him throughout the day thanking God for this precious time. They really do grow up entirely too fast and if you blink you might just miss something! So that's the skinny on Perry D.
More to come...

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Margaret said...

He is seriously so beautiful. It is quite the balancing act isn't it? And it isn't easy. You seem to do a wonderful job though!