Thursday, April 2, 2009


Some picture from this week: York wearing the handmade hat from Aunt Becki (it has his name across the top)
Giggle Monster
Wearing his new shades!
Getting sleepy!
Playing in his new walker that Skip (Norman-Wesley's dad) gave him!

Recently my best friend (Prissy Prosecutor- AKA Panda) began a blog about her journey as the "bride to be" and her day to day life as an attorney. She had such a cute blog title that I decided to spice it up a little! After a long walk with the husband last night he came up with "LIFE WITH NEW YORK"... a play on words if you will! Good... right!? I fell in love with the title instantly and changed it first thing this morning! So thanks for the inspiration ...Panda and Wesley!

Also... Wes and I are leaving for the beach this afternoon!! (BITERSWEET) Without little man... I know! I know! SAD!! We are going down with another couple who is bringing their boat. So we will be on the water Friday and Saturday and I couldn't take the baby with us. So I opted to let my mom (GrandMary, Mae-Mae, etc -we cant decide on her name) come to Birmingham and keep sweet baby cakes and Shug! I have struggled all week with the decision. I know it will be wonderful for Wes and I considering I haven't left York's side since the day he came home with us (not to mention -in my tummy for 8 long months before that)! As I prepared to get his things in order for my mom to come (washing clothes, getting bottles ready, cleaning his room)... I got misty! I will be complete MUSH when he goes to Kindergarten! I am leaving literally 100 little notes for her... He needs to burp after every ounce, change his diaper after each feeding, try to keep him up from 9:00 to 11:00pm so he will sleep through the night, he likes to have his bath around 8:30pm, 2 and a half scoops of Similac formula in 5 oz bottle, etc.... I mean she raised 3 kids... it's not like she doesn't know what she is doing!! I am completely confident that everything will go smoothly and York will be a doll as always. I am sure that I will drive my mom crazy calling every hour! So think about us this weekend and pray that I will stay sane and not drive back on Friday morning!! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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