Monday, April 13, 2009

He is RISEN... indeed!

Easter 2009 Our attempt at a family picture.
Daddy and Baby... after church!
Sweet love in his Easter outfit!
"The Farm"... Wesley's family has a farm in Sylacauga where we gather for all holidays. It is the boy's favorite place... fishing, hunting, four wheelers, food, & fun!
Wesley getting his line wet!
Another pic of the main house.
Hanging out by the fire place on the dock! It was such a beautiful day!
Wesley and some of his cousins "digging in"!

York got "love" from all his cousins... this is Carlton. Aunt Suzie and York rocking on the porch!
More cousin love!! Stephanie and Rachael... (our favorite blog readers!)

York brought a crowd... "look at that sweet baby!" Visiting Ya-Ya for Easter supper.
It was a long day but York was still smiling at the end!

Our day began around 6:30 AM! (showers, baths, breakfast, bottles, burping, changing, dressing, packing, etc) We made it to the 9:00 service with 5 minutes to spare. I cant believe we did it! It was such a wonderful sermon and being my first Easter with a son the magnitude and meaning meant so much more to me. I am constantly in "awe" of how our pastor who has preached about the Resurrection for nearly 20 years can be so innovative. His message was about The God of the Third Day and third day responses from 3 different points of views: Mary Magdalene, John, and Thomas. It was a wonderfully different way of hearing the Easter message and a reminder to us that one day he will come again.
After church we headed down to the Farm for lunch with Wesley's dad-side of the family. The weather was picture perfect and this was York's debut! This was their first time meeting our little rascal. He was passed around about 30 times and everyone stole some 'sugar'. He was such a doll and didn't get upset at all. He loved the attention and enjoyed meeting his extended family. He flashed that sweet smile and 'talked' to everyone. He pretty much stole the show... as he does EVERYWHERE! I was able to actually EAT during a meal time! Wes and I were able to visit and enjoy ourselves while York visited with his cousins.
We headed back home to take a short nap... (Wes and York napped while I repacked the car/diaper bag/feed baby/changed baby/etc) We then headed to Wesley's mom's for dinner. She had a great spread and precious decorations. We ATE AGAIN.... I know I gained at least 3 pounds yesterday. ((Super diet mode this week)) We had a wonderful Easter... although I didn't get to see my side of the family (we have to do every other holiday) it was still a wonderful day. Happy Easter everyone!

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Prissy Prosecutor Panda said...

you are so skinny!! you have lost all of the baby weight!!!

and by the way.. York is so precious!!! I could just eat him up!!!!