Monday, March 15, 2010

With a little help from my friends...

I changed this picture to Black/White hoping to make it a bit less "redneck"... unfortunately it didn't work! York and Turner (aka Best Buds) were playing in the drive way last week and it was REALLY hot. Luckily I had some short sleeved shirts from last summer... They definitely made a fashion statement! Turner's was more like a mid-drift and York was pure skater!!York redeeming his Fashion disaster with his first Polo shirt!
Hey friends...
Better shot of their sweet outfits!
"See you later mom!" "We are FREE!"
Our newest toy.. the tent!... I'm in the tunnel!
Daddy "stuck" in the tunnel!
How many Harless' does it take to repair a fridge filter?
3 Harless men OR 1 Harless woman!!
(just kidding Skip!)
Helping Daddy...
Silly Boy!
Loving my new crocks! Yes they are camo... thanks to daddy!

This is what our March has looked like... we have been enjoying time with friends, fresh air, and household chores. I promise to all of my blog readers that I will soon be back to blogging regularly when my new computer comes in. I call my computer "old man T" because he is 5 years old (in laptop years that has got to be well over 85 !... and the "T" bc he is a Toshiba) he is cranky and rude and will shut down at any given minute! He likes to "hibernate" at random times when I'm trying to upload pictures and gets too hot and has too shut down. Sad old man T! For those of you who didn't know... I like to name inanimate objects! Like my car, computer, the fridge, my camera! I will not apologize... that's just ME! One day next week Old Man T will retire and we will be back to blogging in no time. Until then... this post will have to do! xoxo



The Henderson Family said...

Turner looks AMAZING in these pics - belly, red face, bare feet. Too bad his tooth wasn't broken yet - true Joe Dirt! I laughed out loud at the ones of them running down the street.

danapate said...

So great meeting you tonight at Jason's Deli. Wowzers is all I can come up with right now. I have a feeling we are going to become great friends...seriously, I am shocked God didn't hook us up sooner...see ya at church soon.

Allison and Ryan said...

Dad said that he got to see you and York recently! I. Am. Jealous.

Mom and Dad just visited and I was all like "have you seen pictures of York?" And Dad was all like "umm, I just saw the real thing."

So basically, I need to come to Alabama to keep up with my family. Shouldn't be a shocker, right? My work schedule is flexible for a little while, so let me know when I can come see the Harless family!

Wes, Evan, and Baby York Harless said...

Kelly -love our boys get together (and momma time) glad the weather is getting nice enough to let them run their energy OUT!

Dana -It was so wondeful to meet you and your husband too! You have a beautiful family... I honestly do not know how you mangage with 5!! God has blessed you with so very much and you are using your experiences to help others in the best way possible. (helping those you do not know! like me!) Cant wait you get to know you and your family more!

Allison- your dad is SUPER cute! It was so nice to see him the other day! You are always welcome to visit anytime. (and spend the night!!) we miss you and are very proud of all of your accomplishments!