Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is a picture I took this morning after we bought Perry his first pair of crocs.  I didn't think much about it (other than it being super cute) and uploaded it to facebook (naturally).  My facebook family brought to my attention that is is getting so BIG.  After looking at the picture for a second time I noticed that he is beginning to grow out of that baby stage and into a little man.  Oh how my heart aches... not for middle of the night feedings, spit up, or colic-like screaming!!  But for just a little more time...time to savor that newborn smell, those tiny coo's, great big yawns, and gummy smiles.  It seems that each stage comes and goes before you can really enjoy it... That there isn't enough time in the day to hold on to those fleeting moments.  I will blink and the current babble talk, wobbly walking, and speed crawling will quickly turn into talking, walking, independent toddler!  Just like that and I will long to have him that size again.  I have to remind myself that the next stage is just as exciting and important in their development and our relationship.  ((And who are we kidding... I don't know of anyone that would want a "baby" to stay 10 months old forever!))  In the meantime, as I watch my boys grow I will make sure to give too many kisses, snuggle a little longer,  and continue to update my blog (although it can be a pain) because I want to remember exactly the way I feel at this moment.  FULL... my HEART is FULL!

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