Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"I'll crush them with my TAN crocs"

"P destroys things mom" -York
"P lives in my playroom and dats funny!" -York
York was playing the kazoo and after he finished I said "Great job York!"as I clapped then he looked up concerned and said "No Mommy dats a sad song... no clap please!"
Tell daddy you have a girlfriend -mom
 "No its a secret" -York
"Ouch Perry bit me!" -mom
 "I'm sorry my baby bite choo mom" -York
"He is not a sweet boy he is a mean boy lets beat him"... hehehe -York
(Talking about sweet P-baby)
"That man got shorts on when it's cold outside!  When he gets home his mother is gonna get her fankin foon out!" -York
(Fankin foon = spanking spoon)
"I'm eating the M & M's AND the skin! -York
"How do you like me now?" -York
"Wanna rench it off?" -York
(rinse it off)
"I'm sorry my children are bad?" -York
(not sure who he is referring to?)
"Hey kids .. watch this!" -York
(talking to Wes and I)
"Just give P a chance mom" -York
"Look I see sat-ur-en" -York
"You smacked it with your tires mom... smacked its face in!"
(hit a snake)
"Look mommy I got this stranger on my head!" -York
(Walking around Kitchen with a strainer on his head)
"I'm sessed with garbage trucks" -York
"God has a wrench he can turn the rain off with" -York
(wanting the rain to stop)
"Bye Birmingham we be back.. love you!" -York
"Its hard to close your mouth when your yawning." -York
"Can dogs breath underwater?" -York
"You can't ruin my new life ...I wouldn't have life anymore!" -York
"Cant wait to get to the beach to drink ROOT BEER!" -York
"When Ramsay comes out... your tummy will be small again mom" -York
"An ice cream cone is a triangle upside down" -York
"Mom can you fly?" -York
  "No can you?" -mom
  He flapped his wings and said "Nope"

"Perry that was rude" -York
"Mom your embarrassing me!" -York
(really!  already!)
"Did we dead him?" -York
(We ran over a bug on the golf cart)
"Look mom I'm using this stick like a cane.  But I'm not an old man" -York
Wes was digging in the sand and made the comment that he was "digging to China".  Tascha made the comment that she would love to adopt a sweet little Chinese baby.  Later York asked if Wes had found a China baby yet?
"I'll crush them with my tan crocs!" -York

My sister was visiting and was looking through our pantry for a snack when York said, "Do you have a pantry at your house?"
"Yes" -sissy
"Does it have food in it?" -York
"Yes" -sissy
"Then why you eating my food!!" -York

Favorite word this week:
 (using it in the correct context surprisingly)

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