Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 29... Birmingham Baby Shower!!

We had the Birmingham Baby shower this past Sunday and it was great! We had a fabulous turn out and we received so many wonderful gifts! Wes and I are so lucky to have such great friends and family that do so much for us. When Wesley came to help gather all of the gifts after the shower he was scared that we wouldn't have enough space in the car, but we were able to squeeze it all in...although we couldn't see out of the back! It looks like Christmas in York's room with all of the toys, clothes, and other items scattered around the place. We put together the stroller, mobile, and other baby contraptions and stood back and looked at how incredibly spoiled this little one will be! One shower and the room is FULL... we are going to have to get a baby addition to accommodate all of York's things! Thanks to everyone who joined us Sunday and were able to share this special time in our lives! We are looking forward to November 16th for the Montgomery shower!! I can't wait to see all of my relatives and friends down there!

We had a doctors appoitment on Monday and everything looks good. We listened to the heartbeat and signed up for childbirth classes. This will be comical I am sure... so stay tuned to find out what happens when Wesley and I go to our first class! Love you all!

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Margaret said...

Sounds like a successful shower! I was so excited when I had my showers! And I am so glad for you that you don't have gestational diabetes! I DID and it was AWFUL (the diet and all of the finger pricks!)!!!