Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moms or expectant moms... wanna get fit??

I have recently join the Stroller Strides of Greater Birmingham! It is an AMAZING workout with your little one. You not only get a great workout but benefit from adult conversation, getting out of the house, and fellowship with other moms. Most of the locations (St. Vincents @ 119, Heardmont Park, Galleria, Vestavia, and Homewood) offer outdoor and indoor classes. Stroller Strides incorporates the environment, resistance tubing and the stroller to get an all-over body workout in 60 minutes. I have had a ball so far... instead of counting out reps with each exercise you sing songs to your baby! (i.e. Row Row Row your boat... while doing rows, or Jesus loves me while doing squats, etc) The kids love it! Of Course, York just stairs at me like I am CRAZY... but the older children just smile and laugh. I like this option because I don't want to leave York in the gym daycare... so this allows me to bring him along. It is also very reasonable... I pay $50.00 a month (cheaper than any gym membership) for the unlimited package. I go 5 times a week to various locations. I love the mix of cardio and strength training. Since I have been running my cardio is taken care of but I have done absolutely NO strength work. Needless to say, I am super sore! If anyone in the Birmingham area (pregnant or with little ones) is interested we would love to have you... go to click on Birmingham and contact Susan! I will post some pictures of York's new friends soon! Hope everyone is having a great week!
Love-Ev and York

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