Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow... blog worthy?

York slept through the great snow... He was not amused!Our home looked beautiful covered in white.
It really came down... our neighborhood kids had a blast!
This is out our back door... we had 3 inches on our table.
Our weather is just crazy... blistering hot in December and snowing in March! Nonetheless we enjoyed looking at the mysterious white stuff! I did not join in the snow activities... York and I snuggled in the bed all day. We had a fabulous Sunday! We also watched Fireproof... It is a must see! What a wonderful film... the message is so amazing and in my opinion a must see for ALL couples. I don't want to give away any part of the movie so all I will say is that it is worth the Netflix fee or rental fee!!
We had a pretty eventful weekend. Wesley's cousin (James) was married on Saturday and we spent most of the weekend attending Wedding Festivities. My mom and Rafe came up to keep York... they had a blast! ((Shug was also happy that Rae-Rae (Rafe) came because he finally got some attention.)) Friday was very hectic because our power was out most of the day due to the bad weather... Mom and Rafe got here around 5 and I had to be in the car at 5:30pm to make the rehearsal dinner. We cut it very CLOSE! All in all, we had a nice weekend and are glad that the snow is gone and it will be 75 degrees here on Saturday!! We are definitely ready for warm weather... I am sure you are too!


Lauren and Allen Oakes said...

So, I am dying to know how it went???

Margaret said...

He is so precious! And I agree about Fireproof. Dru and I watched it Saturday night and it just has an amazing message no matter what your situation may be!