Monday, March 16, 2009

He's my BLUE eyed boy!

Weekend visit from Caroline (cousin) ... York is almost as big as her! How YOU doing?
York is smiling ALL the time!
He loves playing in his bouncy seat...
He will be 3 months old tomorrow!!
He likes to stick his tongue out...
Look at that big belly!
cutting up for the camera!
I am always taking the pics... I FINALLY have one of me and him!
Tomorrow my sweet baby will be 3 months old!! I really can't believe it... time goes by so quickly! I am trying to savor every little smile and coo! We have had lots of "Firsts" lately. York decided to roll over last week and has begun cooing and "talking" all the time. He talks to his animals and to strangers... anyone who will listen! It is adorable! His eyes are still as blue as the "bonnie blue flag" (quote from my favorite movie: Gone with the Wind)... the doc said that they will turn whatever color they will stay by 12 weeks! So I guess we will have a little blue eyed heart breaker! He is so flirting with every "GIRL" stranger we come in contact with. We were at the Galleria last week and a lady was talking to him and he was a complete HAM! Just smiling and cooing ... out of control! Wesley comes home in the afternoon, desperately trying to make him smile... and he is as serious as ever! I try not to tell him that he smiles at complete strangers... it might hurt is feelings! (York is simply a ladies man!)
Our effort to raise money for the March of Dimes is going really well. We have over $500.00 and we have only been at it for a little over a week! Thanks to everyone that has already given. It means so much to Wesley and I! You all are really amazing... we are truly lucky to have you all as friends. I will keep you all updated on how the campaign is going and also how big York is growing. Also keep our friend, Katie, in your prayers because she will be having her sweet baby soon! Pray for a smooth delivery and healthy baby. ((We love you Katie!))

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Katie and Matt said...

awe, thanks, evan! we are SO HAPPY to have our little Mary THomas in our arms! can't wait to get the two babies together! :)