Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life's a Beach...

Thanks Ya-Ya for a wonderful beach trip!!
We LOVED the pool!!!
He's not really C-R-A-B-Y! Falling asleep at dinner... nightly occurrence!
Daddy and baby looking at boats...
Granddaddy (York's GREAT grandad) hanging out at the condo.
Sweet Cheeks!
Drying off after a hard day at the pool!
Loving some pool action!
Asleep with Skip on the balcony!
Something about the beach just makes you sleepy...Hanging on to the umbrella...
Yes... we ate Mexican at the beach!
(he sat in a booster seat instead of the high chair.. big man!)
Swimming with Mommy...We had the best time at the beach! Wesley and his father went to Fort Morgan to fish for the weekend SO York and I decided to take Ya-Ya (Janey) and Mimi & Grandaddy York (York's great grandmother/great grandad) to Orange Beach. We had so much fun together. The weather was beautiful and York was a little angel. We had wonderful food and fellowship. We really missed Daddy though... it was the longest amount of time we have been without him! We were glad to get home to him yesterday! COMING SOON...York has begun drinking out of a sippy cup, standing in his bed, saying Bye-Bye, and riding in the big boy grocery carts... I will post these new milestones in pictures sometime this week! Hope everyone is enjoying their last couple of weeks before school starts again...

"Bye-Bye" from York!

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The Howell's said...

It's hard to believe York is already reaching these milestones! It seems like just yesterday I was looking at his newborn pictures on here! Wow how time flies. He is such a cutie!!