Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love my Skip! Pretty Baby
Mommy... I told you only 10 pictures a DAY! I love my fingers... yummy!
I don't really LIKE peas!
I'm just the handsome neglected step-brother...
Mr. Independent...
Me Chinese Me play joke!
(is that appropriate?)
Reverse Milk Mustache
Your funny momma!
I like to look at myself in the mirror...
I have a BIG boy car seat!

We have had a wonderful week. York has made a full recovery and beat that nasty Piggy. As you can see, we have upgraded to a Big Boy Car seat! Wow! I am amazed at how quickly they grow. York has also decided that he would crawl like a big boy too! (instead of army crawls) He is also not thrilled with drinking a bottle and would prefer the milk to be in a cup. SAD and HIGH MAINTENANCE! My baby is certainly NO baby anymore. He continues to light up my every moment and bring unexplainable joy to my days. He is a constant reminder of how wonderful and amazing our Lord truly is. We are headed to Key West, FL on Saturday morning. Yes... we are taking Mr. Independent! We fly out at 6AM on the 12th and return on the 19th! This is an overdue anniversary trip for Wesley and I. We were too poor to go anywhere on our 1st anniversary together and I was pregnant (SICK) on our 2nd anniversary together. So we are celebrating our 3 years of holy matrimony in Key West! Wes and I have been before and absolutely love it! We are taking my mom so she can help with York. That way we can experience some time alone too! I am very thankful that she agreed to go... However, it didn't take much persuading on our part. I will post more when we get back!

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Lauren and Allen Oakes said...

Have a fab time! York has just grown into such a little man! I can not wait to experience with Ava what you have experienced with York this past year. You truely make it look amazing!