Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mom... No more!

Mom... quit taking pictures!
York is feeling alot better! I had to post this pic... I think it is hilarious! He is sick and I am just snapping away with pictures. I have documented every other moment of his life digitally... why not his first sickness!? Poor child. He has a neurotic camera-obsessed mother! (Oh well.. I will have plenty of shots to choose from for the yearbook or wedding slide show.)
I want to go ahead and apologize for what will happen in the next coming weeks. I have a new camera and I will begin posting WAY too many pictures of York and Shug. I just want to give everyone a heads up! I am sure my family members will love the future posts but sorry Friends! Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day!


Katie and Matt said...

i feel like people are sick of seeing little mt's face EVERY SINGLE POST. but then again, she's pretty much all i take pictures of, and I want to document this sweet season of life...and pictures do it right!

personally, i CANNOT WAIT to see more pics of the little man!!

Wes, Evan, and Baby York Harless said...

you are too sweet! i also enjoy seeing MT's adorable little face! i love getting updates on all the precious babies in our life! it is such a sweet and fleeting time.

Lauren and Allen Oakes said...

So glad York is feeling better and hopefully you won't get sick now! I need to get a flu shot ASAP!

Dirt Princess said...

More pics are fine with me!!! Can't wait! I post 20 or 30 at a time...LOL!Have you seen this weeks wedding posts I have done?