Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day at the beach...

I was lucky enough to be taken to the beach for mother's day by Wesley's mother and grandmother. It was absolutely gorgeous... we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather! Pure Paradise... other than the occasional nausea and a crazy rascal named York running me ragged. It was nice having 2 other sets of hands to help out for the week. We really missed Daddy and were glad to be home yesterday!
We are off to the beach (AGAIN) for the next week and a half... just Wesley, York and I! We are so excited... I cant wait for Wes to see York in the sand and water! Finally he will have a partner in crime on the beach! My idea of fun at the beach is a good book and a relaxing chair... not much conversation and the sun warming my body. Wesley's idea of fun at the beach is CONSTANT entertainment... throwing the ball, playing in the ocean, fishing off the shore, etc. In fact, before we were parents Wes would say, "You are so boring ...all you want to do is lay there... I cant wait until we have a child so I can have fun!" So my dear Wes... the time has come! Start your Engines... because you are in for some REAL FUN! I will keep you blog readers posted on how all of this "FUN" goes... I am sure both boys will need naps after their day at the beach! So we will be M.I.A for the next couple of weeks... I will return with some great pictures of our adventures.
Baby H2 update:
I went to the doctor today for my 11 week 3 day check up... Babies heart beat was music to my ears! It was much faster than York's ever was. Everything is right on track and I go back on June 3rd for the next visit. Then I begin weekly visits for the progesterone shots. This is going to be a long pregnancy!! But I feel much better that we will be monitored so closely! Still sickly but can see the end in sight... with York I was a new woman around 19 weeks! God Bless a healthy pregnancy ... each moment of sickness has the most perfect payoff in the end!
Everyone have a great May!!

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