Monday, May 24, 2010

York = professional beach bum!

Orange Beach, Alabama
We have had an excellent time soaking up the sun at the gulf... York and I have morphed into beach bums! York absolutely loves the beach and all that it has to offer: the sand, waves, the sun, and especially his yellow shovel!! We even napped with the infamous shovel. We did not have any oil or "tar ball" sightings and enjoyed the almost secluded white sandy beaches. Dad (Wesley) joined us for the second week and we had a blast. He was such a huge help because I am still THROWING UP! So Wes would get up and feed Mr. York and then bring me breakfast in bed! It was so very nice... I wish I would have felt better to enjoy the time with my boys! On Friday, we headed to West Beach to join my family for a reunion. It was so nice to visit with cousins and Wes was able to get to know some family that live in Georgia. York was the center of attention and was quite the entertainer!! Below are some pictures from our amazing little get away...

too much fun!
Sneaking a Snack!!
Eating at the table like a big boy!
Helping Daddy put the "beach buggy" together...
Hey Mom!
Diggin' in the sand!
Getting ready for dinner...
Popsickle break!
Pinkston Family Reunion 2010
All of the family on the deck enjoying themselves
Philipa (Pipi), Mary Charles, and Goggie
(Pipi- 2nd cousin, MC- great Aunt, Gog-grandmother)
Handsome Brother!
cousins Bryant and John John!
Brother, Hubby, and Cousin Bryant
Me, G.T -grandfather, Cole -cousin
Ashton, York, and Cousin-Cheryl
York love from Aunt Mary Charles
loves some stairs!
sunset from the house... gorgeous
Goggie, Sissy, and Momma
(they will probably kill me for posting them without makeup -but I think they look beautiful)
sisterly love
York loved the birds! Tried to feed them each day...
Playing in the sea oats!

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Margaret said...

Glad yall had such a great trip! Hopefully the sickness will end soon! I am so jealous of all that beach time! Can't wait to hear what you are having!