Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jabber Jaws Update

This week in Jabber Jaw news:::

York has been sick this past week and hasn't wanted to eat much ... in an effort to get ANYTHING in that sweet tummy I chose to serve him Teddy Grahams for breakfast Saturday. His response: "Mom dis poison! I not eat"

We were taking a stroller ride in the neighborhood a couple of nights ago and we see a tractor that was preparing the lot for foundation and York says: "I cant beev-it! a tra-tor! I jus cant beev-it"

translation: I can't believe it .. a tractor!

We were at York's great grandparents home yesterday and they asked him what he had been doing all day and he says: "I been cookin all morning!"

We went to the lake for Memorial Day and York got to "drive" the boat.. when he came back to the dock he yelled "I Back!" then added "I drive boat in yake... I did!"

York looked in Perry's diaper like I do when I check to see if he has gone #2... York looks up and says: "Mom P poopy... yuk yik di-rhe"

I ran in the house from running errands and rushed to the bathroom... York followed me to the toilet and told me: "Great job.. you mades it!"

Perry continued to spit his paci out (a game!) and York would put it back in each time... Finally York had enough and said: "No more P... I tired!"

The boys and I were going to the park and as I turned the car off and began to get both boys out York grabbed my arm and said: "P is fine... let go...mon!" wanting me to leave Perry in the car... poor sweet P!

York says each time he shares a toy of his with Perry: "Dats sweet!"

When I drive York demands: "Two hands mommy!"

While watching a commercial on television an add for a four wheeler for kids comes on and York proclaims: "Dad get that for me! I lovs it!"

and his favorite show: Spun bob Scare pants

AKA Spongebob Squarepants!

There is a character on the show named Squidward and he isn't very nice... York will say: "mom swidwar is show mean mommy he needs fankin!"

As we walked into school a little boy was getting in trouble and York yelled: "He needs the fankin foon!!" Yes.. we have a spanking spoon that is used when needed.. most of the time (TIME OUT) works but occasionally Mr. Sad Spoon makes and appearance.

Best part of my week York leans over and says: "Mom.. you my best frand"

Lastley... Every night when he is winding down he throws an arm over my shoulders and says so sweetly: "Mom wuv you!"

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