Friday, March 9, 2012

I wouldn't have it any other way...

My boys...
I have been reflecting on my life with boys as I watch other moms around town.  When I see a mom putting a bow back in place, rearranging stockings under a little tu-tu, or juggling the dramatics of a diva-in-training I cant help but think about the life that God has chosen to give me.  Although I do feel a bit sad that I will never get the opportunity to play dress up, experiment with make up, or plan a wedding.  I'm reminded that as exciting as those things may be I have been given a different path. 

A challenge to raise 3 men of God.  It is not only my responsibility as a parent but my duty as a believer.  I want to be able to light the fire that is in my children's hearts already.  I want to help feed that flame as they gown into young men and hope that it will burn brighter and brighter as the years pass.  They they will be ready for dark days and face them with certainty that only comes from a deep relationship with our Creator.  I want them to be strong spiritually.  I read a book by Auburn's chaplain Chette Williams while in College called Hard Fighting Soldier.  (If you have not read the book and are a football/sports fan or have ties to Auburn University then give it a try.)  I am going to challenge myself to hold strong this idea of "bootcamp" for my soldiers.  I want to make them dangerous warriors for the kingdom of God.  I want my boys to have strong character, maturity, work skills, and discipline to provide for their own families. 

I want to make sure Wes and I lead by example and even share small chores (at this age) to teach some sort of responsibility that our nations men lack.  I want them to learn at home to regard family, friends, and other relationships as important and to be treated with care.  To learn from our mistakes.  To never judge because we do not know others situations.  To respect others opinions although they may not be our own.  To stay true to their core values and beliefs no matter the situation.  To forgive and recover.  To give... and help others even if we only have a little to offer.  To be kind and to think before speaking.  To listen to their hearts and avoid making rash decisions.  To put others feelings first.  That saying I love you never gets old.  To never be too old to hug (or kiss) their momma. These are a list of just a few important lessons I hope to tackle and know it will grow as other problems arise and more mature situations are put before us.  I hope that as parents we are able to give our children the right balance of compassion and discipline.  That they will know we are always around to listen, love, and support.  I value this opportunity the Lord has given me and pray daily for the strength and passion I will need to continually care for these amazing boys.... my boys!

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